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Wisconsin Cover Crop Conference Scheduled for February

By CPTPComm | 10:53 AM, 11/02/2018

The Wisconsin Cover Crop conference is geared toward helping Wisconsin farmers more successfully use cover crops on their farms.
There will be something for everyone, from farmer’s that have never tried cover crops to veteran cover croppers.  Many of the presenters will be Wisconsin grain and livestock farmers speaking from experience about what has worked and hasn’t worked in their Wisconsin cropping systems.

Last year’s conference was a huge success with 400 attendees!

****New this year****

Advanced Soil Health Sessions:

  • The night before the conference @ 5pm –  dinner with a presentation from UW-Madison Microbiologist, Thea Whitman on ‘Bugging out on Soil Health – the Diversity and Function of Soil Microbes’ and a discussion with farmers about how they are measuring soil health on their own farms.
  • Early riser session (morning of the conference)-  ‘Farmer’s figuring it out’ discussion tables with experienced farmers sharing advanced techniques they are using to improve their soil’s health.

Producer-led Watershed Protection Grants Workshop: 

For the convenience of farmers in Producer-led Watershed groups, the annual DATCP Producer-led Workshop will take place on Feb.19th, the day before the conference at the same hotel in Steven’s Point.  (Followed by an optional social hour and the Soil Health Dinner – registration required for dinner)

Keystone Speaker:

Blake is a fifth generation farmer and Canadian Nuffield Scholar from Merlin, Ontario, Canada.  Working with his father, Elwin Vince they produce commercial corn, soybeans and winter wheat on 1200 acres. Their farm management practices are centered on soil health and they are considered to be no-till pioneers in their corner of Canada where they adapted to no-till farming techniques in the early 1980’s. Blake considers himself very fortunate to have been taught, from a young age, the merits of no-till farming.  His claim to fame, as a 46 year old farmer, is that he has never used a moldboard plough.

 Knowing that soil is not an infinite resource and working with the objective to leave his farms in better condition for future generations, Blake has been using a multi-species cover crop blend to protect and enrich them.  His practices are in stark contrast with others in his area of Southwestern Ontario where more and more farmers are reverting back to conventional tillage.

More information at https://fyi.uwex.edu/covercrop/.