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UW-La Crosse to host Wetland Delineation Workshop Series

By CPTPComm | 5:16 PM, 06/05/2018

When planning a development project, you must know precisely the boundaries of wetlands on the property as determined through procedures specified in local, state and federal rules. A wetland professional is generally required to make the boundary determination and their findings are subject to review by regulatory agencies. UW-La Crosse collaborates with experienced agencies to provide you with a valuable series of wetland delineation related workshops each year. These workshops, held in La Crosse and other locations throughout Wisconsin, are taught by experts in the field. Individuals who delineates wetlands or wishes to learn how to delineate wetlands in Wisconsin are encouraged to attend.

Workshops are intended for:

  • Engineers Planners
  • Scientists
  • Resource Managers
  • Local and Tribal Officials
  • Environmental Professionals

Individuals who complete the Basic and/or Advanced Wetland Delineation Workshops are added to a list of delineators that is provided to federal, state and local officials upon request.

Grasses Sedges & Rushes: June 12–14, 2018, La Crosse
Basic Wetland Delineation Training Workshop: June 18–20, 2018 La Crosse
Advanced Wetland Delineation Training Workshop: June 21–22, 2018 La Crosse
Basic Plant ID: July 9–11, 2018, Oconomowoc
Hydric Soils Identification: July 11–13, 2018, Oconomowoc
Basic Wetland Delineation Training Workshop: August 6–8, 2018, Wisconsin Rapids
Advanced Wetland Training Workshop: August 9–10, 2018, Wisconsin Rapids

Additional information is available at: https://www.uwlax.edu/conted/wetland/?utm_source=MRKT-567&utm_medium=ema...