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Upcoming Workshop: Communication Strategies to Promote Conservation

By CPTPComm | 1:45 PM, 02/14/2019

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension and the National Widlife Federation are teaming up to host a two-day communication training designed to equip conservation professionals with advanced strategies and techniques to better engage farmers who are hesitant or resistant to adopting cover crops and other soil health practices.  The workshop is scheduled for April 3-4, 2019 at Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Participants will learn the various ways in which people make decisions (known as mental models), how to identify farmers’ preferred mental models, and how to implement targeted messaging and educational strategies for more effective outreach.

This FREE event is offered to conservation professionals who are working directly with farmers to implement cover crops and no-till practices. We encourage your office to consider sending personnel who meet this criteria.


Space is limited.  Register by March 1, 2019 to Whitney Prestby, Wisconsin Extension at whitney.prestby@ces.uwex.edu or 920.391.4663.