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Two Weed Science Plot Tours Scheduled for July

By CPTPComm | 10:35 AM, 06/28/2018

The Wisconsin Cropping Systems Weed Science Program, WiscWeeds, is hosting two plot tours this July. 

The first, scheduled for Friday July, 13, is a Waterhemp Management Challenge. According to our recent survey, waterhemp has become the most concerning weed species in Wisconsin row crop production. Glyphosate-resistant waterhemp has been confirmed in 25 counties, and PPO-resistant waterhemp has been confirmed in four.

To learn more about waterhemp management in soybean, join the WiscWeeds team for a tour of their challenge plots that showcase comparisons of 29 PRE-emergence soybean herbicides, the value of Group 15 herbicides sprayed POST-emergence in soybean, and a systems approach for weed control in Xtend soybean. 

RSVPs (by July 10th please) and questions? Contact Dan Smith, Southwest Regional Specialist, Nutrient and Pest Management Program, dhsmith@wisc.edu (608) 219-5170.

The second tour, on Tuesday July 17th, will showcase 1) Herbicide Programs in Corn, 2) Weed Management in Enlist Corn, 3) Impact of Carrier Rate on Efficacy of PRE-Emergence Corn and Soybean Herbicides, 4) Comparison of PRE-Emergence Herbicides for Weed Control in Soybean, and 5) Systems Approach for Weed Control in Balance Beans, Enlist, Liberty Link, and Xtend soybean.

RSVPs (by July 13th please) Contact Mindy Breunig or Kelly Tomko-Ewing at (608-846-3761) or mindy.breunig@wisc.edu and ktomko@wisc.edu. Questions related to the tour, contact Rodrigo Werle, UW-Madison Extension Cropping Systems Weed Scientist at (608) 262-7130 or rwerle@wisc.edu.