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Two Lower Fox Demo Farms Field Days this Fall

By CPTPComm | 11:44 AM, 10/08/2018

The Lower Fox Demonstration Farms Network will be hosting two fields this fall! 

The first, scheduled for Wednesday October 11, 2018, will tour farms on the western side of Brown County and Outagamie County. We have a full line-up of great work being done in the watershed including different diversified cover crop mixes, talking about the transition from corn silage to cover crops, and a new low-disturbance manure applicator available to rent. We’ll also be welcoming Neighborhood Dairy to the Fox Demo Farms project! More information at https://fyi.uwex.edu/foxdemofarms/events/fox-demo-farms-fall-field-day/....

The second, scheduled for Tuesday October 16, 2018, will tour farms on the eastern side of Brown County and the great work being done with cover crops, no-till, and rotational grazing! Our last stop will be to welcome Dairyland Farms into the Fox Demo Farms project! More information at https://fyi.uwex.edu/foxdemofarms/events/second-fall-field-day/.