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Save the Date for three Soil Health Field Days in August and September

By CPTPComm | 8:51 PM, 06/24/2019

Save the date for three additional University of Wisconsin Division of Extension soil health field days in August and September! 

The events will feature presentations from NRCS and Division of Extension experts on the basics of soil health and a rainfall simulator demonstration.  PLUS all participatants will receive a soil health testing kit, and learn how to use their kit to compare soil health in different fields on their farming operation.

The kit includes:

  • soil compaction probe
  • soil infiltration test
  • soil aggregation stability (slake) test
  • digital soil thermometer
  • other resources to help participants learn how to improve soil health on their farm

“Learning how to manage soil health is essential to maximize profitability, especially in a time of lower farm prices,” notes Kevin Erb of the Division of Extension’s Conservation Professional Training Program. “Little changes to soil management can dramatically impact rainfall infiltration, conserving moisture in dry times and reducing compaction in wet years.”

The training is $25 and includes lunch and a soil health kit. More information is coming soon!