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New Blended Course Receives Rave Reviews

By cptp | 12:12 PM, 08/09/2016

Kevin Erb, Janice Kepka and Vikram Koundinya recently attended a training conference for USDA Farm Service Agency State Environmental Coordinators in Rochester, NY. The course was designed by Janice and developed in AgLearn by Brian Adams. Almost 200 meeting participants took a pilot version of the online course: FSA-858: A Wetland Screening Tool. They provided feedback and went through a short field day demonstration in New York. These comments were part of their initial feedback:

"It was an excellent course! It exceeded my expectations!"

"Probably the best Aglearn course I've taken since joining the Agency."

" I think the course was very well put together, informative, and perhaps the best online course I have ever completed!"