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Manure Spills -- Preparing Before Accidents Happen

By kevin.erb | 12:11 PM, 09/18/2014

As children, we all remember the fire drills in school. Even though we never had a fire, the fact that everyone knew what to do is the first step in dealing with an emergency.

Like a fire drill, farmers need to know the right steps to take when an accidental manure spill happens. Knowing instinctively what to do (or having a plan handy that can be followed) can keep a small problem from becoming the lead story on the 6 pm news.

Farmers in south central Wisconsin will have the opportunity to see first hand what steps to take when an accidental manure spill happens during the Oct 21 Yahara Pride Field Day. UW Extension's Conservation Professional Training Program, in conjunction with PNAAW and Wipp Bros Ag Services, will conduct a live action manure spill response demonstration as part of the field day. Come learn how to effectively protect a drain tile inlet, block a culvert, create a dam, and clean up after an accidental spill. No advance reservations are necessary for this event, which is targeted to local producers and conservation professionals.

Quick action, like what is shown in the above photo, can make a world of difference.

Kevin Erb is a UW Extension Specialist