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Managing & Pricing Late Planted Corn for Silage & Forage Feeding Strategies

By CPTPComm | 3:39 PM, 08/07/2019

Join the Division of Extension, Sheboygan County Forage Council, Sheboygan River Progressive Farmers, Extension Sheboygan County and the Midwest Forage Assocation for a workshop on managing and pricing late planted corn for silage and forage feeding. The workshop is Thursday, August 22, 2019 from 6-8:30pm at Double Dutch Dairy, the Stapel Families in Cedar Grove Wisconsin.
Agenda includes:
  • Visit with and learn about the "Sheboygan River Progressive Farmers"
  • Managing, harvesting, and pricing late planted corn for silage
  • The benefits of high quality forages and what I have learned feeding high producing dairy herds
  • Get the right combination of starch and fiber
  • Information on fall planted cover crops

To register, call Tammy Zorn at 920-459-5904 or tammy.zorn@wisc.edu