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Managing Nutrients on Wisconsin Soil: Online Video Workshop - 2015

By cptp | 4:03 PM, 05/04/2015

Program Information
Managing Nutrients on Wisconsin Soils is a self-paced seven-hour online workshop designed for agency and industry personnel who desire to have a more in depth knowledge of intermediate to advanced topics in soil fertility and soil management. The learning objectives are to provide individuals with a fundamental understanding of Wisconsin's nutrient application guidelines, advanced soil fertility management tools, and soil management practices to reduce nutrient loss.

Registration Information
Registration for viewing the video series is required for each participant and the fee is $100 per person. Registration is open now and will close on July 1. Interested participants can register at: register at. A credit card is the only acceptable form of payment on this website. A confirmation email and a list of supplemental resources will be sent to each participant. For questions on registration contact Scott Sturgul (ssturgul@wisc.edu, 608-262-7486). For questions about program content contact Carrie Laboski (laboski@wisc.edu, 608-263-2795.)

Course Materials
After registering, participants will be sent a confirmation email with instructions for viewing the online presenta-tions and a list of supplemental resources. Please note: You must be able to access YouTube in order to view these presentations! All videos will be available for registered participants to view until July 31st, 2015. Ba-sic principles of soil fertility will not be covered in these webinars, but will be part of the supplemental materials. Participants may wish to purchase or download (for free) UWEX publications A2809 Nutrient application guidelines for field, vegetable, and fruit crops in Wisconsin and A3588 Management of Wisconsin Soils from the Learning Store at: http://learningstore.uwex.edu.

An application has been made for Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) continuing education unit (CEU’s) with 9.5 credits in nutrient management and 4 credits in soil and water management (13.5 credits total). Those seeking CCA CEU’s will be required to respond to several quiz questions fol-lowing each presentation in order to track participation. Further instructions for receiving CEUs will be sent with the registration confirmation.

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