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Industrial Hemp Production Webinar on April 18th

By CPTPComm | 2:40 PM, 04/12/2019

Photo by the Univeristy of Kentucky College of Agriculture


While serious interest about industrial hemp production exists across the state from all types of growers and producers, there has been limited information available to farmers on agronomic production methods.  

The webinar will start with a discussion by DATCP on the ever-evolving legal regulations for production. Then presenters will lay out the agronomic basics for grain and fiber hemp separately from CBD hemp, with more of a focus placed on field prep and planting so growers can get as much information as possible before they put plants in the ground. 

The webinar will take place on Thursday, April 18th from 9AM - 1PM CT.

Please click the link to join the webinar: https://uwextension.zoom.us/j/968147072