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Grazing Workshops Offers throughout the State

By CPTPComm | 10:42 AM, 02/22/2019

Want more information on how to sustainably graze on public and private lands? Then this workshop is for you!

The workshop will feature presentations on planning for success (seeding mixtures, stocking rates, rotations, grazing cover crops, etc.) & resources to promote grazing. It also includes panels with graziers, public land managers, and other local state, and federal agency staff.

Four workshops are being offered around the state. The event is free and lunch will be provided, however registration is required.

Abbotsford, WI
February 28th from 10AM - 3PM
To register email Mary C. Anderson at maryc2.anderson@wisconsin.gov or call 608.220.2935

Chilton, WI
March 6th from 10AM - 3PM

Menomonie, WI
March 26th from 10AM - 3PM

Jefferson, WI
April 3rd from 10AM - 3PM

Sponsored by: River Country, Glacierland RC&D's, and the WDNR with funding provided to GrassWorks from The Pasture Project & a NCR SARE Professional Development Grant