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Free Soil Health Event Featuring Ray Archuleta

By CPTPComm | 1:22 PM, 08/24/2018

The Milwaukee River Watershed Clean Farm Families is hosting a free workshop on soil health on Friday September 7, 2018.  The workshop, titled Soil: Improving Soil Health in Our Farming Communities, features Ray Archuleta, a nationally renowned soil health expert.

The event will cover the following topics:

  • Why is soil health important?
  • Reducing costs and increasing profitability using soil health principles
  • Discussion on soil health tests
  • How to read soil tests
  • Local efforts to improve soil health
  • How to achieve soil health objectives locally

The event is from 10AM-3PM with lunch provided at the Paulus Dairy Farm in Fredonia, Wisconsin. The event is supported by Ozaukee County, the Fund for Lake Michigan, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection and USDA NRCS.

RSVP by August 30th to Jim Melichar (262-206-1731, jpmelichar@gmail.com), Mike Paulus (414-378-6453, cowsrus@paulusdairy.com) or Andy Holschbach (262-284-8271, aholschbach@co.ozaukee.wi.us