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Free Online National Cover Crop Summit

By CPTPComm | 9:49 AM, 03/06/2019

Photo by NRCS

In response to demand from growers seeking a better understanding of best practices when it comes to the use of cover crops in their farming operations, No-Till Farmer and Strip-Till Farmer are unveiling the first-ever National Cover Crop Summit — a 100% FREE-TO-ATTEND online event focused on equipping you with the knowledge necessary to harness the full potential of a cover-crop system to protect your soil and increase your farm's profits.

Join other farmers across the country for this free 2-day virtual event featuring a series of knowledge-building sessions taught by the foremost authorities on covers today. Requiring no travel expense or time away from the office or farm, you will be able to participate from the comfort of your own office through a series of free video sessions. Click here for information about speakers and session topics. 

Register for free online now!