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Free Instructional Videos: Crop Production, Pest Management, Soil and Water Conservation, and Nutrient Management

By cptp | 1:15 PM, 02/03/2015

UW Extension specialists in Agronomy, Entomology, Plant Pathology and Soil Science have recorded 52 new YouTube videos which offer 18 hours of instruction for crop production, pest management, soil and water conservation and nutrient management. Originally designed to help with self-study for the state Certified Crop Advisers exam, these videos may also serve as a resource for several other purposes. The videos are available for no cost and can be accessed online at CCA training series. Or, for convenience sake, the same videos are grouped in the following categories:

WI - Soil science fundamentals for field crops
WI - Field crop and forage fundamentals
WI - Weed, insect, disease IPM for field crops