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Earn CCA CEU’S For CPTP's Online Conservation Courses

By cptp | 3:26 PM, 12/23/2014

Does one of your upcoming New Year’s resolutions include earning or maintaining your conservation or agronomic certification?

Are you planning to squeeze in an online course over the holiday break to earn some Certified Conservation Adviser (CCA) Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credits? If so, CPTP has just the opportunity for you!

Several online training modules have been created through a collaborative effort between NRCS and UW-Extension and its partners to offer guidance on wind and soil erosion, prediction modeling, best forestry practices and conservation planning tools. All offer CEUs upon completion of each course. CEU’s will be earned in the calendar year the course is completed.

The following three CPTP courses are now available online through May 30, 2015 Students must register for them by April 30, 2015:

• Conservation Planning Web Tools
• Forestry and CRP
• RUSLE2 Soil Loss Module

Conservation Web Tools
Take a hands-on exploration of online tools used by conservation professionals including the Web Soil Survey and the electronic Field Office Technical Guide (e-FOTG).

Those interested in conservation planning, software apps and online tools and soil management would benefit from this online course. This self-guided, introductory course takes about four hours to complete and those who do will receive four CCA CEU’s in Soil and Water.

Forestry and CRP
Get an in-depth look at Farm Service Agency's CRP practices that incorporate forestry into CRP. This intermediate-level course highlights Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) conservation practices, job sheets and materials used to establish and maintain forests, windbreaks and riparian forest buffers. It also features a discussion on prescribed burning, windbreak design, and information on forestry Best Management Practices (BMPs) and invasive species.

It should take about 4 to 6 hours to complete the mix of reading activities, videos and comprehension quizzes. Those who complete this course will receive 5.5 CCA CEU’S (2.5 Crop Management, 2.5 Soil and Water Management and 0.5 Integrated Pest Management).

Finding this course particularly helpful would be those working with landowners on conservation planning, ecosystem management and riparian buffers, environmental management systems record keeping, farmstead and resource assessment and forestry.

Getting Started With RUSLE2
Learn the principal concepts of the soil water erosion process and the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE2) software used to estimate erosion for USDA programs. Participants will walk through installing the software and databases and to gather data in the field to use RUSLE2.

Four Soil and Water CCA CEU’s credits are available for those who complete this introductory, self-guided course, which will take about four to six hours to complete. All interested in exploring further concepts in conservation planning, cropping systems, energy development and conservation, software apps and online tools, soil and water management will find this course especially beneficial.