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Culture Competency and Understanding Old Order Cultures in Agriculture

By cptp | 12:27 PM, 03/13/2015

Cultural Competency: Understanding Old Order Cultures & How to Conduct Outreach to Mennonite and Amish Populations Webinar

Amish and Old Order Mennonite communities ("Plain" communities) are expanding into states where they had previously not existed. Much of this growth has occurred over the last decade. These groups are also transforming the cultural and agricultural landscapes of the states where they relocate. Far from homogenous, the Plain sects are diverse, discreet subcultures with varying degrees of technology acceptance. This presentation will include demographics of the Plain sects, cultural distinctions, and opportunities for appropriate interactions.

Our Presenter:
Understanding different cultures and their impact on agricultural practices has long been an interest of Judson Reid, leading to his international agriculture major at Cornell University during his undergrad studies. Judson worked for Cornell Cooperative Extension of Yates County for several years before completing his master degree in plant protection in the field of plant pathology and joining the Cornell Vegetable Program team of specialists in 2005. Today, Judson focuses on cultural practices, small farm operations, and season extension techniques.

A question & answer period will follow the presentation.

To participate in this free webinar, click here to access the online registration form by Tuesday, March 24. Instructions for accessing the session will be sent to registrants by Wednesday, March 25. Please pass on this invitation to others you believe may be interested. Contact AgrAbility at 800-825-4264 FREE or email agrability@agrability.org if you have questions.