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CPTP Offers New Suite of Soil Courses

By kevin.erb | 4:49 PM, 04/01/2014

The Conservation Professional Training Program (CPTP), in partnership with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), is offering a new soil health program that provides innovative strategies to help boost crop production, mitigate the effects of extreme weather events, and create sustainable, lower cost operations. CPTP’s suite of healthy soils courses include: Soil Health Intro, Cover Crops for Healthy Soils, Soil-Water Management, Soil Health Management Practices. All courses include an In-Field Component for students to build upon the online work they completed.

While designed for Certified Crop Advisors, conservation agency staff and Technical Service Providers in Wisconsin, the online, in-person and blended courses are open to all interested in learning about the complex relationship between the crops that we grow and the soil that sustains them.