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Basics of LiDAR Workshop coming in January 2018

By CPTPComm | 1:32 PM, 12/07/2017

The Wisconsin State Cartographer’s Office will be hosting a "Basics of LiDAR" workshop on January 8-9, 2018, at the UW-Eau Claire campus. This is the fourth time this workshop has been offered over the last year.

Workshop attendees will get hands-on experience manipulating LiDAR data using industry-standard Esri software. LiDAR is a powerful new tool used to collect high-resolution, high-accuracy terrain and elevation data. LiDAR is used in a variety of applications in agriculture and conservation, emergency management, civil engineering, hydrologic modeling, flood plain mapping, and other areas.

The cost of the workshop is $250 but a limited number of $200 registrations are available for students enrolled at a university. For more details and to register for the workshop please see our training website: https://training.sco.wisc.edu

The workshop will be taught primarily by Joel Nelson (University of Minnesota) and Jim Giglierano (Wisconsin Geographic Information Officer). State Cartographer’s Office staff will also participate as workshop instructors.

The Wisconsin State Cartographer’s Office hopes to offer two additional workshops this spring: one in Milwaukee (most likely March 21-22, 2018, at UW-Milwaukee) and one in northern Wisconsin (date and location to be determined). More details on these workshops will be available soon.

Photo credit: Washington State Geological Survey