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Agriculture Conservation Webinars and Course

By cptp | 10:35 AM, 05/03/2016

Join fellow conservation professionals to better understand the basics of agriculture through a multi component course taught by experienced local, state, and federal conservationists.

The course will feature both online and in-person sessions throughout May and June, 2016.

This training is intended to provide conservation professionals with the necessary basic farming knowledge to better work alongside agricultural communities to implemented conservation practices for improved land management. Through four online webinars, experienced conservationists will provide the following sessions:

Webinar 1: Communicating Conservation and the Culture of Agriculture will be held on Wednesday, May 25

Webinar 2: Basics of Conservation Planning will be held on Wednesday, June 1

Webinar 3: Success Stories Working with Diverse Communities, date TBD

Webinar 4: Pesticides, Pollinators, and Wildlife, date TBD Two in-person trainings will allow participants to have group discussions and tour farming systems.

Part 1: Classroom Training will be held on June 2 at the Columbia County UWEX/LCD office

Part 2: Field Tour will be held on June 7 at the Arlington Agricultural Research Station Detailed agenda coming soon! Register today -


Contact Christina Anderson with questions.