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2018 Wisconsin Cover Crop Conference is around the corner

By laehn.joan | 3:43 PM, 12/04/2017

The 2018 Wisconsin Cover Crop Conference

February 27, 2018
Holiday Inn, Steven’s Point, WI

This conference will be geared toward helping Wisconsin farmers more successfully use cover crops on their farms. There will be something for everyone, from farmer’s that have never tried cover crops to veteran cover croppers. Many of the presenters will be Wisconsin grain and livestock farmers speaking from experience about what has worked and hasn’t worked in their Wisconsin cropping systems. This will be an exciting conference with lots of time built in for farmers to interact and learn from each other.

The registration fee prior to February 1st is $40 per person and $55 per person after that. Information and Registration at https://fyi.uwex.edu/covercrop/conference/