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SITCOM:State Interagency Training Committee

Team Associated Courses


The SITCOM initiative is a multi-agency training program that provides partners with a Community of Practice (COP), and training opportunities relevant to local conservation staff. We identify and prioritize training needs statewide. Our goal is to identify individual training needs and reinvigorate an inter-agency commitment to a coordinated and efficient approach for building a statewide team of well-trained conservation professionals that deliver best management practices for soil and water conservation. When it comes to conservation training, we are your one-stop-shop for all of your training needs.

Do you have a training need that isn't listed? We want to know about it! Fill out the training needed form here.

For training hosts and providers: Do you have a conservation course you would like posted? Fill out the course submission form here.

SITCOM Partners:

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR)

USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)

Wisconsin Land and Water Conservation Association (WI Land + Water)

The University of Wisconsin-Extension

DATCP: Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection

SITCOM Members:

Coreen Fallat, DATCP

Peter Wurzer, DATCP

Drew Zelle, DATCP

Mary Anne Lowndes, DNR

Scott Mueller, NRCS

Josh Odekirk, NRCS

John White, NRCS

Dan O’Connell, Portage County LCD

Jessica Hying, MSA Professional Services

Matt Krueger, WI Land + Water

Chris Schlutt, WI Land + Water

Penny Phole, WI Land + Water

Kevin Erb, UW-Extension

Anne Nardi, UW-Extension

Scott Sturgul, UW-Extension

Important Documents and Videos

PDH/Engineering Certification Information/Factsheets

Certified Crop Adviser Website

Cost Sharing Reimbursement Video

Cost Sharing Basics Video

VIDEO: DATCP - Guidance for landowners and governments: Agricultural Enterprise Areas.

VIDEO: DATCP - Guidance for landowners and governments: CREP.

VIDEO: DATCP - Basic Information for farmland preservation plans. VIDEO: DATCP - Farmland preservation tax credit.



SITCOM: State Interagency Training Committee

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