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TSP Orientation - Rothschild, Wisconsin, 08/06/09

Course Description:

This one-day TSP orientation provides private sector consultants, agronomists, and technical professionals with an introduction to the basics of assisting landowners as Technical Service Providers (TSPs). It is highly recommended that participants begin the TSP process. The course introduces students to the state's Conservation Activity Plans (CAP's). To initiate the TSP process go to (http://techreg.usda.gov/TSPApplicationIntro.aspx) before the course.

Date: Thursday, August 6, 2009
Time: 9:00AM
Format: In-person
Instructor: kevin.erb
Location: Lodge at Cedar Creek, 805 Creske Avenue
Rothschild, Wisconsin 54474
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Cost: 75.00
Partners: none
Registration Deadline: Saturday, August 7, 2010


DateTitleFormatPriceStateReg.DeadlineDate SortReg.Deadline Sort
1/18/11 9:00am CSTTSP Orientation - Hancock, Wisconsin, 01/18/11In-person85.00WisconsinJanuary 19, 201212953628001326960000
12/15/10 9:00am CSTTSP Orientation - Wausau, Wisconsin, 12/15/10In-person85.00WisconsinDecember 16, 201112924252001324022400
12/8/10 9:00am CSTTSP Orientation - Madison, Wisconsin, 12/08/10In-person85.00WisconsinDecember 9, 201112918204001323417600
7/13/09 9:00am CDTTSP Orientation - Cuba City, Wisconsin, 07/13/09 *In-person75.00WisconsinJuly 14, 201012474936001279090800
6/17/09 2:00am CDTTSP Orientation - Platteville, Wisconsin, 06/17/2009In-person75.00WisconsinJune 18, 201012452220001276844400