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Improving Soil Health on Urban Farms

Course Description:

1:00-2:00 p.m.

This webinar will illustrate how the principles of a Soil Health Management System are implemented on a 3.5 acre urban farm growing mixed vegetables, and it will emphasize practices that enhance the microbial life in the soil.

Our presenter will illustrate how the basic principles of soil health are being implemented on his farm. Using photographs, he will illustrate field practices that cover the following areas:

  • Soil health improvement practices 
  • Habitat for pollinators and wildlife
  • Farm infrastructure development
  • Pest and weed management
  • Soil nutrient management
  • Water management

As a certified organic farm, all practices must comply with standards set by the National Organic Program. Particular emphasis will be placed on how to use biological practices such as compost, compost tea, biological inoculants, and biologically based pesticides. The evolution of certain practices from installation to production will be discussed. A list of NRCS practices that may qualify for cost-sharing is also included in the presentation.

This webinar is presented by the USDA NRCS Soil Health Division. Contact Holli Kuykendall, Ph.D., National Technology Specialist, for more information about this webinar.

Go to http://www.conservationwebinars.net/webinars/improving-soil-health-on-urban-farms for more information.

Date: Tuesday, June 13, 2017
Time: 10:45AM
Format: Online
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Course Topics: Soil Management
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