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Conservation Planning - CAP Resource Assessmant - Custer, WI, 10/17/11

Course Description:

This one day course focuses on the farmstead, cropland and pasture resource assessment process for Conservation Activity Plans (CAPs). Participants will complete this on-farm session with an understanding of the resource assessment process and what is required for a Conservation Activity Plan. This course was formerly known as TSP CAP Resource Assessmant.

Date: Monday, October 17, 2011
Time: 9:00AM
Format: In-person
Location: Riverside Dairy Farm
Custer, Wisconsin
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Cost: 50.00
Partners: none
Registration Deadline: Wednesday, October 17, 2012


DateTitleFormatPriceStateReg.DeadlineDate SortReg.Deadline Sort
7/18/14 9:30am CDTConservation Planning - CAP Resource Assessmant - Seymour, WI, 7/18/14In-person50.00WisconsinJuly 20, 201414056938001405839600
11/12/13 9:30am CSTConservation Planning - CAP Resource Assessmant - Custer, WI, 11/12/13In-person50.00WisconsinNovember 20, 201313842702001384934400
4/3/12 9:30am CDTConservation Planning - CAP Resource Assessment - Custer, WI 4/3/12In-person50.00WisconsinApril 4, 201313334634001365058800