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Useful to Usable: Lessons Learned about Selling Conservation

CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE WEBINAR: NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED: http://www.conservationwebinars.net/webinars/useful-to-...

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This intermediate-level classroom and field archeological experience meets NRCS' Cultural Resource Module 7 and 8...

his webinar will focus on educating non-operator landowners on the benefits improving soil health have to increase the value of their land and that it takes a solid working relationship between the landowner and farmer (often requiring changes in leasing structures) to obtain changes in soil...


Twice per year WI Land+Water provides training for conservation department employees. This training is for new staff and is also a...

Did you miss the Wisconsin Land and Water Conference? We have you covered.

Here are the presentations!

A comprehensive training course guide for the Northwest Operational Area. View courses here or by clicking on the image below. 


Each March, WI Land+Water holds an annual conference to provide valuable networking opportunities, forums to discuss programs, practices, and new ideas with colleagues, a chance to build technical knowledge, and space to be reinspired by the passion for conservation across the state. The...

- Dr. Don Flaten
- Sarah Carlson
- Dr. Matt Ruark
- Tim Radatz

Registration is $50 and includes materials and noon meal.
For more information email callie.herron@ces.uwex.edu or call 715.983.5668.

Mark your calendars for the upcoming University of Wisconsin-Extension Pest Management Update meetings scheduled Nov. 7-11 at various locations around the state.

The format has changed for 2016. Meetings will either be in the morning or afternoon and...