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CPTP Admin Support Group

CPTP Admin Support Group

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CPTP Communication and Web

WORKING GROUP - Comm. and Web

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CPTP Curriculum Development

WORKING GROUP - Curriculum Dev.

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CPTP Organizational Framework

WORKING GROUP - Org. Framework

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CRP Readiness Initiative

CRPRI Planning Team members forum

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CRP Readiness Initiative Admin

CRP Readiness Initiative Admin

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Edge of Field Project Team

This diverse team will develop a course demonstrating how to do edge of field monitoring.

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Forestry: Introduction to Forestry

COURSE COMMUNITY GROUP - Introduction to Forestry

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Forestry: Sustainable Forest Management Practices

COURSE COMMUNITY GROUP - Sustainable Forestry

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Forestry: Windbreak Design

COURSE COMMUNITY GROUP for Windbreak Design students

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MT CRP Consultants

An information posting and sharing location for consultants working with MT NRCS on CRP planning and management.

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Organic Grazing TSP Mentoring 1

Fall 2011 TSP Orientation and Mentoring Group

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Rusle2 Training Team

A regional effort to develop/adapt existing training on the Rusle 2 soil erosion software program.

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SWCD Webinar Series

Ideas in Unique Funding Strategies

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