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Watersheds and Soil Health

Team Associated Courses


The BASIC/Intro course will be Nov 6 in Polk County. The Advanced session will be Oct 31 in Arlington WI

*Participants in this course who complete both the classroom and field training will receive the soil health testing kit. Participants will receive a rebate of $50 (or $75 credit towards the advance course) if they document using the kit on at least 5 different fields in the 9 months after training.

If you are not able to register online, please call Kevin Erb at 920-391-4652 or email kevin.erb@uwex.edu 

NOTE: The online portion is optional. The mateiral will be covered in the classroom portion of the basic course.

The online Intro to Soil Health course provides an overview of the importance of soil health to crop production and dives into the three primary characteristics of soil: the physical, chemical and biological. It also demonstrates easy-to-use field tests to identify current soil conditions and highlights the common practices that a farmer may choose to implement in order to improve soil health. The online portion of this course must be completed before the field training. The Wisconsin field training will build on the online course topics through hands-on activities and farm scenarios. It focuses on the evaluation of various agricultural practices on soil health parameters and the selling of these concepts to producers. Participants will utilize basic evaluation methods to document soil, water and plant properties in the field. Activities will enhance participants’ data collection, communication and problem-solving skills through in-field case studies. This combination course (online training + field training + soil health kit) is subsided via an agreement with Wisconsin DNR. Field days will be scheduled in and near 9 Key Element watersheds. This introductory course is a prerequisite for a series of supplemental online soil health courses, including Soil Health - Cover Crops for Healthy Soils, Soil-Water Management and Soil Health Management Systems.

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Cost: $125

CEUs Avaialble: 3.5-5.0 hrs Soil and Water

Partners: NRCS

For: Agency Staff, TSPs, Beginning Conservation Professionals

Contact: kevin.erb@ces.uwex.edu





Watersheds and Soil Health

DateTitleFormatPriceStateReg.DeadlineDate SortReg.Deadline Sort
10/26/16 9:00pm CDTIntro to Soil Health Training and Soil Health Kit-Baraboo, WIBlended150.00October 27, 201614775336001477551600
9/9/16 9:30am CDTSoil Health with Kit - Baraboo WI 2016Blended125.00WisconsinOctober 26, 201614734314001477510200
1/8/16 3:45pm CSTSoil Health - Intro to Soil Health, Online plus 2016 Field DayBlended150.00WisconsinNovember 14, 201614522895001479181500